City Survey Application

The purpose of city surveying is to provide a comprehensive and accurate representation of the build environment, which is critical for a wide range of application, including city planning, development and maintenance.

City surveys are essential for city planning, developing and maintenance. They provide critical information for urban renewal, public work project and land use planning and management. Accurate city surveys are essential for ensuring the efficient, sustainable, and liveable development of urban areas.

City survey includes survey related to building survey (property survey, public facility survey, archaeological site survey, and BIM survey), Infrastructure mapping (Transportation Network survey, Site selection and execution, Asset Management, Waste Management Survey) and Land use survey (Base map, mining, and ecology survey).

Cadastral Survey Application

Cadastral surveys are generally performed to establish and re-establish boundaries of previously surveyed properties and to facilitate the transfer of the property.

Demographic Survey Application

Demographic surveys wholly or primarily collect information on population characteristics and on the causes and consequences of population change.

Census Survey resembles a statistical investigation in which the data are collected for each and every element/unit of the population is termed as census method. Census Survey gives information about the gender ratio, population count etc.

Utility Survey Application

Utility surveys for water, sewerage, storm water, gas pipeline, electrical line and telecom serves the need of identification of utility lines and maintain a database for their assets which can answer questions of what and when. These surveys will further be utilized for consumer indexing to reduce the time for customer satisfaction.

Health Survey

Surveys are an important means of collecting health and social science information from a sample of people in a standardized way to better understand a larger population.

Adding spatial information (location) to health Surveys can provide valuable insights into diseases prevalence, concentration and health care infrastructure need and any changes or augmentation that may be required in order to ensure the highest quality of care is being provided.

Infrastructure Survey

Infrastructure Survey is used to examine and evaluate the condition, quality and functionality of various components within a specific infrastructure system such as transportation, utility, communication infrastructure.

Survey depict the physical characteristics of a site including buildings, curbing, utilities, spot elevations, and contours of the land, streams and ditches etc.

Mining Survey

Mining Survey, also known as Mine survey, refers to the process of accurately measuring, mapping and analysing the land, mineral deposits and surrounding environment related to mining activities