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Standard – Works Standalone

This version is designed for single users who need to collect and download data. It comes with an integrated Form Builder that allows you to create forms, and a Survey Mobile App for collecting field data. You can also connect an external GPS device to achieve high precision.

₹ 10

Advance – Works Collaboratively

Coming Soon

Multi-User Collaboration- Support for multiple users collaborating on survey design, deployment, and analysis. Supports real-time surveying enabling users to see the surveyed data instantly. This helps in tracking changes made to the survey over time.

  • Survey 360 Mobile App
  • Survey 360 Form Builder

Enterprise – Project Management

Coming Soon

Enterprise Package includes Survey Web Portal along with Mobile App. It allows for organization-wide management of project and team users a real-time monitoring of the project’s progress. It facilitates the viewing, querying, modifying and analysing of spatial information.

  • Survey 360 Mobile App
  • Survey 360 Form Builder
  • Survey 360 Web Portal


Enterprise-level applications can be customized to meet specific user needs and can deployed to meet custom user requirements. This allows users to obtain real-time analysis. Technical issue are addressed through responsive customer support.

Expert – Works Stand-Alone

₹ 120/Per year

A stand-alone package includes Survey Mobile Application which meets the diverse needs of organizations and surveyors. It is a user-friendly, secure and powerful platform for efficient Geospatial Data collection.

Advanced – Works Collaboratively

₹ 169/Per year

The Collaborative package includes Survey Mobile Application and Survey Data Portal which empowers officials by providing real-time access to view, query, modify, and analyze spatial data, serving as a decision support system.

Enterprise – Custom

₹ 199/Per year

Enterprise Package supports and integrates custom requirements, allowing required functionalities to meet specific user or organizational needs efficiently.

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Mobile scc

Survey 360 Mobile App

Empower your fieldwork with ease: Collect, analyse, and thrive with our intuitive survey app for seamless geospatial data collection.

Survey 360 Form Builder

Build and Customize your own high quality surveys and forms in minutes, making it an ideal tool for professionals seeking efficient survey creation.

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