Survey 360 Mobile App

Allows users to conduct surveys seamlessly on their mobile devices, ensuring that valuable insights are captured in real-time, using custom build survey form.

  •  Build a new survey form by defining questions, response types for field data collection
  •  Collect spatial/location based data using active layer – Point, Line or Polygon
  •  Support for external Bluetooth GPS / GNSS for enhancing accuracy
  •  Analyse surveyed data using query builder
  •  Export your Survey data GeoJSON format
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| Capabilities of Survey 360 Mobile App

User-Friendly Interface

The platform provide an intuitive interface with streamlined navigation guarantee an easy to use experience for every user.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

The application is compatible with multiple platforms, ensuring accessibility on both Android and iOS devices seamlessly.

Gather Variety of Resources

Collect various data using selective geometries such as point, line or polygon for your survey needs.

Advance Survey Form Builder

Easy to create survey questionnaires with various question types and multi-media support.

Works Regardless of Connectivity Status

Offline functionality for data collection in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

External GPS Support

Seamlessly integrates with external GPS systems, enhancing accuracy and expanding location capabilities for users.

Highly Scalable

Capability to handle a large volume of responses and surveys without compromising performance.

Data Security

Robust security measures to protect respondent privacy and the confidentiality of survey data.