Survey 360 Form Builder

Create surveys seamlessly within your browser and access them instantly on your mobile device with our intuitive Survey Form Builder.

  •  User-friendly interface for easy navigation and form creation
  •  Personalize surveys with diverse question types, field configurations, and media attachments
  •  Experience enhanced survey creation equipped with star ratings, barcode-QR code support, signature capabilities
  •  Preview mode to review the survey layout and functionality before launching
  •  User Authentication options for secure user authentication, allowing for restricted access to the survey
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| Capabilities of Survey 360 Form Builder

Create Forms with Ease

Effortlessly create surveys within minutes using web browsers and mobile apps, streamlining data collection with user-friendly forms.


Spatial Data Selection

Select specific geometry—point, line, or polygon—for precise and relevant data collection in GIS surveys.

Easy/Quick Field Selection

Create forms effortlessly with diverse field options like labels, numbers, text, radio groups, and more to precisely shape data collection.


Add Customize Fields

Enhance form versatility with user-specific fields like media (photos /videos/audio), signature capture, QR codes and star ratings to better suite your needs.


Download Created Form

Preview, save or Download the created form in your local system.